About the Elegant Economist

↑ Hi, I’m Elisabeth.

Hello, I’m Elisabeth. I was raised in Yorkshire, England but now live in Denver, Colorado with my husband and daughter. I am working on turning our modest urban garden into a sustainable permaculture food forest, featuring many fruits and vegetables we use in our recipes but often find impossible to locate at our local supermarkets.

I also hope that this blog will serve as a way to preserve the traditional recipes my daughter grows up with so that someday I can pass them down to her when she’s no longer living at home with us – and hopefully by then she’ll have discovered that she actually loves vegetables (pray for me?)

I wanted to make a blog featuring accessible, inexpensive recipes that are family-friendly, inspired by our heritage and global travels, and provide meal inspiration, gardening progress, and Sephardic-inspired home styling inspiration for the holidays we celebrate. The title of this blog is a nod to the dying art of ‘home economics’, inspired by a late nineteenth century cookbook by Eliza Acton, a British food writer and poet.

It may be safely averred that good cookery is the best and truest economy, turning to full account every wholesome article of food, and converting into palatable meals what the ignorant either render uneatable or throw away in disdain.

Eliza Acton (1865), Modern Cookery for Private Families

I hope you find inspiration here to feed your family or community, to make your home a little more beautiful (even if your means are limited), to learn about the wild and edible plants around you, and to spend time with the people you love making memories. Additionally, all the recipes listed on my blog adhere to both kosher and halal dietary guidelines (so you won’t find any pork or alcohol in these recipes).

Thank you for joining me in this adventure, and bon appétit / sahtein!