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Arabic Coffee Brownies

Arabic Coffee Brownies

While I don’t consider myself the type of person who has an ‘addictive personality’, coffee is definitely one of my weaknesses. I’ll drink coffee in virtually any form – from strong espresso to watery diner coffee, but the thick, cardamom-fragranced Arabic coffee is probably my favourite. I am not, however, a big chocolate person –…

Za’atar Egg Salad

Za'atar Egg Salad

Today (September 23rd) is actually Za’atar Day! Za’atar is a spice used throughout the Levant – made from a type of wild thyme, or hyssop. Its official name is ‘origanum syriacum’ and it’s classified as part of the oregano / marjoram family of plants. It grows wild in many places and in late summer and…