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Indian Aubergine with Harissa Glaze

Indian Aubergine

Aubergine (or eggplant) is one of my absolute favourite vegetables. Typically when I put out an aubergine dish for mezze it’s sliced into rather large rounds. These Indian (or baby) aubergines are quick to roast, easy to eat, and of course make a beautiful presentation on the plate. I am always sure to ‘sweat’ my…

Muhallebi Two Ways

Muhallebi (sometimes called malabi or muhallabia) is a Middle Eastern milk pudding. Traditionally made with rice flour, most modern muhallebi recipes feature cornstarch to give the pudding its thickness. It is lightly sweetened, and beautifully delicate and fragrant as its main flavour comes just from the milk and the floral water you choose. The base…